lunedì, giugno 14, 2004

European Elections - continues...

Well, the election results are all in now and interesting reading they make as well. Firstly, I suppose, comment should be passed on the actual turnout of voters. The picture, as a whole, looks pretty poor - but, the main culprits for taking no interest in the European Elections are, surprisingly, the new Member States of SK, SI, PL, EE and CZ - all whom polled less than 30% of the electorate. The UK actually polled far more than in the previous elections, with 38.9% - although the voters seem to have been voting for some complete and utter lunatics and fools. How can someone as ridiculous as Kilroy-Silk have the nerve to say that his aim is to "wreck" the EU when he has stood - and been elected - as MEP for the East Midlands area of the UK! The same man who once was a Labour MP - until offered a job as a TV presenter, where he made himself every middle-aged housewife's 'Dream Boat'! The same man that was recently fired from that same job for making racist comments whilst 'on air'. What ever is the UK coming to?

Whilst thinking about the glories of the British Empire (!) I happened across this article in the Guardian about the reducing profitability of British business. Something that both the Conservative Party and the UKIP would, no doubt, strenuously deny.

But what of the results here in Italy? Well, it looks like the little SMS message ploy rather backfired on Burlesquoni! As did his 'Vote of Confidence' that he had been looking to the Italian electorate for. The leading party is actually Uniti nell’Ulivo, thank goodness! Forse Italia came second, with a resounding 21% of the voting electorate voting for it and Burlesquoni. Oh well - at least we don't have to wonder if Burlesquoni is about to resign his Premiership in order to take his seat in Brussels - but then again, if he did resign, he would, most likely, get arrested for all those naughty things he is alleged to have done over the past 10 years (inside the Statute of Limitations, that is). Better stick to being il Presidente del Consiglio, I think. If you are interested in seeing all of the results of the election across the Member States, take a look here,