lunedì, giugno 14, 2004

The English Aftermath.

I suppose that the fact there has been very little trouble in Portugal so far could be thought of as either the well-behaved English supporters that have travelled there - or just simply fear of the Portugese police forces. However, the English football supporters made up for their quiet behaviour in Portugal by rioting in England. The BBC reports the story as:

Trouble erupts after England game

The muted atmosphere in Lisbon contrasted with England
Police across England made 83 arrests after fans rioted following England's Euro 2004 loss to France.

Some 400 people were involved in disturbances in Croydon, south London, where police were pelted with missiles and 12 people were arrested.

Another 12 people were arrested in Birmingham after a crowd of 200 caused trouble around the city centre.

This was in sharp contrast to the scene in Lisbon, where England supporters remained peaceful.

One supporter was reportedly arrested for allegedly punching an employee at the Lisbon stadium.

And one was handed a suspended jail term and deported following an earlier attack on a French supporter in Lisbon city centre.

Police in Croydon said disturbances there erupted at about 2215 BST on Sunday and continued for about an hour.

Very sad to see that football violence and mindless hooliganism are still thriving in England. Very sad and very embarrassing for those English that are living or working outside of the UK.