lunedì, giugno 14, 2004

An Exciting Weekend.

By that, of course, I don't mean the Formula 1 GP in Canada. Surprisingly, Schumaker came first - oh, and second too! I used to do a lot of work for some of the well known F1 teams and it used to be exciting - but, not any more. Is it just my age showing through my seams or is it really as boring these days as I think it is? Well, whatever you think about F1, the Motorcycle GP was REALLY exciting. Definitely worth watching if you are jaded with F1 these days.

The other sporting event was, of course, the Euro 2004 football. Starting off with Greece beating Portugal, the tone was set. That was followed, on Sunday, with the match between France and England. I was absolutely appalled by the match. England played like an unskilled bunch of thugs and lost the game. Quite right too, I think. That sort of fouling should not go unpunished and where did they find that potential BNP candidate, Wayne Rooney, from? What an ignorant, aggressive player. To compare him with Ronaldo, by calling him 'Roonaldo', is an insult to a great player - who, incidentally, is also a Real Madrid team member. The sad thing is that if England could actually get around to playing football, rather than trying to foul their way to every goal opportunity, they might very well have actually won. They have skill for sure, but the skill is swamped by their mindless aggression. Good on France. Good on Real Madrid player, Zinedine Zidane, who accounted for both of the French goals against his erstwhile team mate, David Beckham, sporting a nice new skin-head type hair cut. Maybe that was the trouble after all? The haircuts.

The other news on the English sporting front was New Zealand thrashing the 'World Champions' by 36-3 What a win for the All Blacks against a very poor English side! Match report is here should you want to read about the drubbing.