martedì, giugno 08, 2004

Idle curiosity

Firstly, I must just say that the only reason for my publishing a weblog on here was that I was so frustrated by the weblog of "An Englishman in Verona" that I just had to try it myself.

WHY was I frustrated? Well - it had nothing to do with hating Englishmen at all (no ... really!) nor a dislike of Verona (I love it there) - not even a bitter hatred for Hellas Verona in their struggle to stay in Serie B (Forza Gialloblu!) It was all about the fact that, for me at least, the pages decay into a textual garbage by the time I'm into reading the secon paragraph. Not the kind of textual garbage of, say, G W Bush, for example. No, it is the fact that it looks as though a 12 year old hacker has just eaten his breakfast off the weblog and left all the letters lying around in a messy, jumbled heap.

Just as I was wanting to see how the Gialloblu had performed against Pescara.

THAT kind of frustration.


At giovedì, giugno 17, 2004 12:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonimo said...

Nipper's Patent Law Blog.
I saw that someone found my blog via yours and I wanted to say...thanks for the link.
Stephen M. Nipper
snipper *AT*


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