martedì, giugno 15, 2004

The Abu Ghraib situation continues;

Just when we thought that things had died down (pun intended) a little, there are fresh revelations about how extreme the torture regime actually was there. The Bush Administration is, naturally enough, trying to blame "one or two bad apples". The only trouble with this theory is that there are lots and lots more photographs taken by the "bad apples", showing how debauched the whole regime of US troops actually were there.

Oh well, I suppose one could say that "all's fair in love and war". But, on the other hand, one could say with far more conviction that the killing and maiming of innocent people is the greatest evil possible.

Tony Blair seems to be missing this point though. He is continuing to try justifying the lies he told at the start of the whole Iraq story. He is maintaining, in the face of almost universal criticism in the UK now, that he was "convinced his decision to go to war in Iraq had been right"

I can't help but feel we are talking about an ex-Prime Minister here.