giovedì, novembre 24, 2005

A Quick Snip...

Seeing a report published this week about the increasing numbers of people resorting to plastic surgery, I noticed that men are now a growing user of the services of the plastic surgeon. The Prime Minister himself, Silvio Berlusconi, happily admitted to having undergone the surgeons knife to try and roll back the years (or at least, the baggy skin around his ageing eyes) a couple of years ago. He even eventually admitted to having a second hair transplant to cover his tanned scalp with not-so-greying hair again. Still, I suppose if it was good enough for Elton John or even (heaven forbid!) Jeremy Clarkson, it is certainly good enough for Silvio Berlusconi to look good in his dotage.

I noticed also that the report mentioned a growing number of men having penis implants and penile girth enhancing fat injections. I wonder if Silvio had that particular bit of his body enhanced as well – or is he a big enough pr*@k already?

Joke, Silvio! A Joke! Remember what we said about satire recently?