giovedì, ottobre 20, 2005

Is this the start of the New Start?

Adriano Celentano - a true Italian.

I would like to just say how much I was moved tonight whilst watching a brand new TV show on Rai uno, RockPolitik (in fact, I am still watching it as I type). It was as though I was observing a beautiful woman shedding the sackcloth and ashes she had been forced to wear for the past few years. Bravi Italiani! I feel privileged to have witnessed the shedding of the shackles which have been chaining freedom of speech for the past few years. I can’t express my admiration and respect enough for Adriano Celentano and the entire production team at RAI, the state TV service that has fought and fought to remain independent from the ethic of mediocrity that has pervaded Italy for the last 10 years or so. You have, all of you, taken a brave step to reclaim the heart and soul of the real Italy again. Bravi.

See you all next Thursday - unless a greater evil steps in and bans you. Again.


Just to add to this post, as I thought would happen, our leader lept to the attack through his mouthpieces, denouncing the TV show as being "not entertainment but political". How predictable.

Some comments in todays press (in Italian) include:L'Unita and the Corriere della Sera

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