venerdì, luglio 30, 2004

Big Brother Award

The 6th Annual Big Brother Award winners have just been announced by Privacy International, which were 'presented' as a special ceremony at the London School of Economics (LSE) on the 28th July.

This sounds like the television 'reality' series, Big Brother, known and apparently loved by millions of bored Brits - to say nothing of the many other national flavours of Big Brother around the world. THIS Big Brother is more in the spirit of the Orwell classic, 1984, however.

From a motley selection of intrusive people and organisations, the shortlist included such erswhile people as The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, jointly with Katherine Courtney and The Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP. Organisations shortlisted included Lloyds TSB plc, FollowUS, British Gas plc, Vodaphone plc, National Health Service (NHS), Department of Transport (DOT), Office of National Statistics, US Department of Commerce and the US VISIT programme. An interesting collection of intruders into personal privacy - it almost seems a shame that winners had to be chosen.