venerdì, giugno 18, 2004

"We don't want to put granddad in the supermarket trolley"

Says Donato Greco, coordinator of the new anti-heat campaign" that has just been announced in Italy for the benefit and comfort of Italian pensioners this summer. An odd remark, but the context is just as odd. The plan is to take any pensioners of 65 or over, that are suitably registered with the appropriate authorities (I'm getting the hang of all this bureaucracy now!) and take them to local Supermarkets. Yes, that's correct - I DID say Supermarkets. They aren't going there to do the weekly shopping or anything like that - they are going there because Supermarkets always have good airconditioning!

Sounds like a plan to me!

Now, all we have to come up with is a plan for wintertime and it's sussed!